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The Importance of MTA Safety Companies and Managers in Ensuring Safe Construction

The Importance of MTA Safety Companies and Managers in Ensuring Safe Construction

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) is the state agency responsible for providing safe and reliable transportation to millions of commuters traversing the New York Metropolitan area by subway, bus, rail, or even vehicular bridges and tunnels. As a $1 trillion asset, this intricate system requires constant investment to maintain core infrastructure in a state of good repair, meet critical accessibility and capacity needs, and expand to improve the quality of life for commuters.

As a result, the MTA relies heavily on contractors and consultants to perform essential design, construction, and maintenance services. In this blog, we will discuss the importance of MTA safety consultants in ensuring the safety of the MTA’s vast portfolio of assets.

The Role of MTA Safety Consultants

Project teams, comprised of the MTA, consultants, and contractors, are empowered to make decisions, coordinate all work, control scope expansion, and enact performance oversight. Safety consultants fulfill the essential duty of developing and implementing effective safety programs that both prevent harm to stakeholders and complement production during the execution of complex construction tasks.

They work closely with project teams to identify potential risks and develop practical solutions to mitigate hazards. Safety consultants may also provide training, environmental services, and technical assistance to the agency.

The Importance of Safety Managers on MTA Projects

Safety Managers may work directly for the contractor or consultant, or in some cases be consulted as a neutral third party. In either scenario, their role is to provide enhanced opportunities for the agency to predict, monitor, and improve safety performance through the reduction of risk.

The implementation of safety policies and procedures ensures that all employees follow established rules and that risks are reduced to optimal levels. Safety Managers are also responsible for conducting inspections and audits to identify and correct potential safety hazards arising during execution.

Ensuring Safe Commutes for All

The MTA’s primary goal is to ensure the safety and reliability of this expansive network of infrastructure. Safety consultants play a critical role in achieving this goal on construction and maintenance projects. By identifying and mitigating potential hazards, they provide the vital service of preventing incidents and ensuring that projects are completed safely.

Collaboration is Key

Safety consultants work collaboratively with their teams to ensure that our transportation systems remain safe for customers, contractors, and communities during construction. They work closely with MTA departments and oversight staff to ensure all activities are delivered with the highest level of safety and meet national and industry standards.

Continuous Improvement

The job of safety managers is never complete. Through cooperation and communication, safety managers work with utility companies, City, State, and federal agencies to establish early and regular coordination for long-term project planning and short-term problem-solving.

They also conduct ongoing awareness training through classroom and on-the-job training and provide technical assistance to employees to ensure they remain apprised of the latest regulations and industry best practices.

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