NYC DEP 26th Ward Wastewater Treatment Plant Preliminary Treatment Reliability Improvements

Infinite Consulting Corp. (Infinite) provided Environmental Health and Safety services related to the Preliminary Treatment Reliability Improvements at the 26th Ward Wastewater Treatment Plant, which serves approximately 283,000 residents throughout Brooklyn and has the capacity to receive, clean, and disinfect up to 170 million gallons a day of combined sanitary and stormwater flow. The overall scope of work involved the demolition and removal of sewage treatment equipment and process lines; demolition of buildings and structures no longer in use by the facility; installation of new sewage treatment equipment; steel erection; asbestos abatement; and removal of hazardous waste and contaminated soil.

Infinite’s scope of services related to occupational safety and health requests includes reviewing monthly environment, safety, and health reports; Job Hazard Analysis (JHA); waste manifest and inventories; training documentation; and developing addendums to the site-specific Environment Health and Safety Plan. NYCDEP projects, more so than conventional construction projects, present greater environmental concerns both externally to the adjacent area, air, and waterways and internally for the workers and facilities themselves making a highly qualified safety consultant and oversight imperative to successful completion.

The contract requires safety support and on-site visits twice monthly per the General Contractor’s contract requirements with the NYCDEP. Following a walkthrough with the General Contractor’s Safety Representative, observations are discussed, and a written report is generated and forwarded through the General Contractor to the Construction Manager and the NYCDEP. Discussions concerning occupational safety and health issues occur onsite with the supervisor and safety representative to assure observed deficiencies are recognized, explained, and corrected in a timely fashion.


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