NYC DDC NYPD 40th Precinct Station House

Infinite Consulting Corp. (Infinite) provided Site Safety Management services for the construction of the NYPD’s new 40th Precinct Station, which will serve the various needs of the NYPD while strengthening the department’s commitment to community policing. The 42,000-square-foot facility will be the first NYPD facility to have a room solely dedicated to community events.

The new stationhouse will include areas for officer training and for physical fitness. There will be ample space for storage and maintenance of gear and vehicles. The building includes fuel tanks and backup generators that will enable it to continue to serve the community for several days in case of a blackout or other power loss. The building is also designed to meet the requirements to be certified LEED Silver for environmental sustainability.

The structure will include a planted green roof to reduce stormwater runoff. Potable water usage will be one-third less than comparable buildings, and high-efficiency fixtures and control systems will reduce energy usage by over ten percent. The station house’s cooling systems will also not use CFC-based refrigerants.

The 40th Precinct Station House was designed by a firm in the DDC’s Design and Construction Excellence program.


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