JFK International Airport Terminal 8 Redevelopment

Infinite Consulting Corp. (Infinite) provided Site Safety Management services for the renovation and enhancement of American Airlines/British Airways Terminal 8 at John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK). The revamped terminal will improve the overall customer experience, with a total of 70,400 square feet of added space including 33,000 square feet of public space. Another 57,500 square feet of existing space will be refurbished. New amenities include premium lounges for both airlines, enhanced baggage systems, premium check-in space, and upgraded concessions. There will be five additional wide-body gates to allow for more transatlantic flights and four nearby on-airfield plane parking/unloading areas to accommodate the added flights.

The expansion of Terminal 8 is part of JFK’s $13 billion modernization program, aimed at transforming the airport into an ultramodern, global hub with new and restructured terminals, adding 4 million square feet and increasing the airport’s capacity by 15 million passengers annually.


Safety Management, PM/CM Support


Holt Construction Corp


Port Authority of New York & New Jersey