CUNY LaGuardia Community College Renovation

The LaGuardia Community College renovation consists of the demolition of the existing, substantially-deteriorated, terra cotta façade and installation of a panelized curtain-wall system (approximately 168,000 gross square feet), the demolition of a one-story, approximately 24,000-gsf building near the loading dock and the construction of a 11,000-gsf loading area and an approximately 21,500-gsf landscaped area, and the relocation of storage and other functions; the renovation and relocation of the lobby entrance (approximately 8,700 gsf); sidewalk improvements, including the realignment of the sidewalk along Thomson Avenue, replacement of sidewalk bollards, sidewalk extensions in the crosswalks of 29th and 30th Streets and the investigation of changing 29th Street into a one-way street; and the replacement/rehabilitation of the rooftop sign structure (approximately 30 feet high by 375 feet long on the west side and 30 feet by 200 feet on the north side or about 17,250 gsf) and sign message. Further the project consists of work related to the heat system replacement of the LaGuardia Community College Center 3 Building. The work under this project includes but is not limited to asbestos abatement, demolition of the existing steam system and installation of a new hot water and glycol piping heating system with all associated architectural, fire protection, plumbing and electrical work related to the installation.

Infinite Consulting was responsible for overseeing multiple general contractors with varying scopes. As part of the CM team Infinite had personnel available 24 hours a day to perform site safety review. The project had a tremendous amount of supported scaffolding and interior renovations requiring Infinite personnel to be well versed in many facets of construction. The Infinite Site Safety Professional conducted daily site walks, enforcing the health and safety programs of the contractors and the owners as well as the construction management firm. Infinite had a site safety professional on site at all time to enforce OSHA, FDNY, and NYC DOB safety regulations and codes.


Safety Management, PM/CM Support


TDX Construction Corporation


Dormitory Authority of the State of New York