MTA Enhanced Station Initiative

MTA New York City Transit Enhanced Station Initiative

Infinite Consulting Corp (ICC) is currently providing safety, quality, and construction management services to ECCO III on the MTA New York City Transit’s Enhanced Station Initiative, Package 3.

The Enhanced Station Initiative (ESI) improves the reliability, capacity and customer experience inside the subway system. Stations will be temporarily closed during the project in order to complete the repairs and enhancements as quickly as possible. The enhancements planned for the stations also include:

  • Improved signage for easier navigation, including digital, real-time train arrival information at subway entrances;

  • Glass and wire mesh platform windscreens to protect riders from the elements;

  • New security cameras and railings for improved safety;

  • New glass barriers and LED lighting throughout for increased light and transparency; and

  • New artwork, and durable granite flooring.