Applicant Referral Program


At Infinite Consulting Corp., we strive to find and hire the best talent—people who exude our values and choose to contribute to our company goals, team, industry, and community. We believe that our existing employees, as well as our network of colleagues, friends, and connections, are in a great position to help us find the candidates best suited to work at our company.

To recognize what our employees and network have to offer, Infinite has set up a new referral program to reward everyone for their efforts in helping us hire and grow! We value long-term relationships, so even if you or your referral are unavailable to work today, we encourage you to also make referrals for the future.

Applicant Referral Program


Refer an Applicant

If you refer someone that is not currently available to work but completes an application (less than five minutes), then you will receive five (5) entries to our raffle. Raffles will take place monthly, provided a minimum of 100 raffle entries have been received, Prizes may include but are not limited to: $500 gift certificate; a pair of Suite tickets to a Yankees home game; a pair of Suite tickets to a Jets home game; and more!

Part-Time Hire

If you refer someone that starts a part-time position with Infinite within 90 days from your referral, you will be eligible to receive up to $1,600 as follows: $100 at the end of the month after they complete 100 hours of service; $500 at the end of the month after they complete 500 hours of service; and $1,000 at the end of the month after they complete 1,000 hours of service. provided this is within 12 months of their initial start date.

Full-Time Hire

If you refer someone that starts a full-time position (works more than 30 hours per week) within 90 days from your referral, you will be eligible to receive $4,500 as follows: $500 at the end of the month in which they start; $1,500 dollars at the end of six months of their employment; and $2,500 at the end of one year of their employment, provided they are continuously employed during the entire term and work a minimum of 30 hours in each week employed.

*You may be your own referrer. You will also be eligible for the above awards if you sign yourself up and you are not a current or former employee.

*All referrers that are not employees of Infinite will be required to submit a W-9 form to receive reward payment. Employees will be provided the referral bonus as part of their paycheck.

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To ensure that you get credit for a referral:

  • When your referral applies, they must include your name/email as the referral source in the corresponding application question.
  • They must complete an application in our applicant tracking system
  • The applicant must have all current, valid credentials required to work in the position applied and submit a correct and up-to-date resume with copies of all credentials
  • The applicant must be qualified for the position for which they are applying
  • The applicant must be qualified and in good standing with any agency related to the application at the time of referral
  • The applicant must not already be in our hiring system at the time of application
  • The applicant must be legally eligible for employment in the United States.
  • Infinite in their sole discretion may choose to stop, start, or terminate the program at any time.
  • Referrer may recommend candidates but shall not be eligible for the reward if they are employed or work on behalf of a public agency, client, or other parties that bars them from receiving any incentive, bonus, or gift due to a public or private policy. We trust each referrer will use their greatest discretion and ensure no violation of any such policies. Should a violation be discovered referrer will be required to return the bonus or adhere to any other remedy requested.


  • Referrals are tracked in the applicant tracking system
  • Infinite will be reviewing referrals at the end of each month. Incentives will be sent (virtually) to both eligible parties (who meet all criteria above) by the 10th day of the following month. · For any questions or to confirm eligibility please email


Infinite Consulting Corp. provides equal opportunity in employment for all qualified person. Infinite’s policy extends to all terms, conditions and privileges of employment. All employment practices and activities, whether provided or conducted by Infinite or another entity on its behalf, will be conducted on a non-discriminatory basis in compliance with the law. Infinite is committed to taking all actions necessary to ensure equal employment opportunity for all persons in accordance with all applicable federal, state and local laws.